Ripple Effect Productions was founded not only to make exciting and important documentary media, but also to advocate a particular philosophy of how documentary media should be made and distributed. We understand that our work will effect the lives of our audiences, our subjects and ourselves in ways we cannot predict. Embracing this volatility, we aim to build lasting connections with our partners, our subjects, and our audiences. These connections allow us to better understand the consequence of our work, and reincorporate this knowledge into our work and our philosophy.

We want not to throw stones, create a ripple effect, and watch safely from the shore as the unpredictable occurs. We'd rather be in the water making waves that may come back, hit us in the face, and force us to see things differently.

Current technology allows for a historically unprecedented opportunity for dialogue, and for the revision of media based on this dialogue. We aim to seize this opportunity, engaging those (inspired or angered) to inform, change, and hopefully improve the work itself.

Milwaukee, May 2006

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